Writing about travel and sex

Getaway recently published a blog on the sexparade called the  Folsom Street Fair  in San Francisco. And, predictably, there were those who thought this had no place in our content lineup. I disagree. Travel journalists need to travel and experience the strange … and they need to write about it. If all we do is write about the ‘nice’ we leave a very big hole in our reporting. Admittedly, travel is not exactly the cutting edge of investigative journalism but we do have a responsibility to inform. So back to the sex fair. Do I think its healthy … well no. Do I think its weird … hell yeah. Would I run it in our magazine pages? Not on your life. But as a blog which is a free space where our writers can comment as they like on what they see, hell yeah I’ll run it. I am wary of censorship in any form … because one moment you’re stopping people reading about relatively harmless, foreign and darn weird sexparades and the next you’re killing stories because they disagree with the ruling party’s view of the country. So if you’re sensitive to these kinds of things … please don’t page past the opening paragraph as Justin Fox’s blog Sex tourism: the Folsom Street Fair will blow your socks off!

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